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Evening, been trolling several forums but haven't found posting with my issue...yet.

2004 CR-V
5sp man AWD**
206K miles

Hum or whine seems to be coming from transmission:
Pitch of noise follows wheel speed
Hard to tell if left or right side, kind of central sounding
No difference with gear selection
No difference clutch engaged or not
No difference straight or turning

**Universal @ rear differential on driveshaft seized/snapped in June.
I pulled shaft off car & have not replaced yet (bit of a swamp yankee); when I looked online didn't seem to be a big deal, don't need AWD until the temp drops around here.

Replaced clutch & throwout bearing a couple years ago.
R&R clutch master & slave cylinders 6mo ago; master was leaking around pedal shaft.

Jacked front end up tonite, both front wheel bearings seem good, no play/grinding there.
CV joints run smooth, no play.

The car wouldn't shift a couple days ago, thought it was related to noise until I pulled airbox to check shift cable/linkage and found a nut from the airbox jamming the action. (airbox bolt sheared off when changing slave cylinder, dropped in perfect spot to jam cable action)

I'm thinking it may be a bearing or maybe a balancer?
Would pulling the driveshaft to the rear diff off make something go wacky?

Thanks in advance
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