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Hello all, I just picked up an 2004 CRV, I am not new to the Honda game. Been supporting the 88-91 Honda Prelude community since 2006 and been part of that community and still am since 1999 and been working on cars in some form or fashion since 1988. My username is the same on most other Honda forums so finding me on anything Prelude related will be easy.

I am Chamorro pronounced (Cha+more+row), originally from Guam and moved out to WA state since 02/98 to further my education and also follow my wifes family since she helped transfer most of them in the mid 90's

Purchased a - 2004 Honda CRV - 288000+ miles

I purchased the CRV on Saturday (January 09, 2019) because I needed to get to work(we got hit with 6-10" of snow in Seattle area, a rare thing). I own a 96 Corolla as my daily and while its a great low maintenance car it just could not get me to my home after the snow dump, so I started looking online and found this gem on Craigslist.
I have been motor swapping and wrenching for most of my life so I know enough to do some :eek: but we are always learning something new from car to car and other things in life, right? :)

I am partial to Honda's which is why I picked up the CRV for AWD driving on the occasional snow days or weeks.
I must say I like the 2nd gen better than the 1st gen as far as feel, performance and comfort. I like the 1st gen headlights better though.
I have been having a little fun since got the CRV in the snow, trying to see its capabilities and get a feel for it. Its fun for a smaller suv type vehicle and I am loving it more and more daily.

Thanks to all who contribute to this forum, I hope to contribute more to the community in the upcoming future.
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