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2004 CRV AWD throttle body question

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I tried to save some $$ and I replaced the leaking power steering pump and alternator on my own. Got everything back together and started and ran fine for about 20 minutes. Now having horribly low idle to the point of stalling. Could I have damaged throttle body with anything I did?? I burped the coolant, had battery disconnected and everything I thought done correctly before removing and replacing everything. Pedal is sluggish and not much pickup but does drive. Thanks in advance.

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Check engine light?

I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. There is a pressure sensor on the power steering line that could change the idle. But it’s usually going to bump the idle up to make the appropriate PS pressure. If the CEL is on, codes could point you in the right direction.
Make sure you hooked the alternator back up correctly and belt is routed correctly.

Make sure you didn't damage PCV hose or anything else on that side of the intake. Throttle body and such is on the opposite side so it's not possible to have messed with that.

Also what do you mean "burped" the cooling system? There is nothing to mess with at all with cooling system, air comes out on it's own into the overflow bottle.

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Turned out to be the Air Temp Sensor only. All back together and still rocking with 205K on it!!
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