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cool. I have no idea if it’s similar to the USA models. About a year ago, I heard clunking in the engine bay when I was waiting in line for gasoline when I tried to turn the ac on. I was already suspecting fans that were unhappy. Drove back home with the windows open and heat on high to try to dissapate engine heat.

at home, I opened the hood, hit the AC button and both fans did not turn on. Checked the fuses and they were ok. next I went directly to the fan connectors, confirmed power at both connectors when AC was on. Then I briefly supplied power to the fan motors directly - and that showed that both motors were dead.

i replaced both fan motors with aftermarket. I can’t remember, but one of the aftermarket fan motors I needed to reuse the old screws because the new screws didn’t fit right. Iater I found aftermarket fan and motor total assemblies that were the same price as the motors themselves.

i probably skipped some steps in diagnosis by doing it that way. In my limited Honda fan experience, I’ve only seen issues with dead fan motors, almost-dead fan motors requiring high current draws blowing fuses, and bad radiator fan switches. I guess I would concentrate on those things.
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