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I'm having trouble finding a replacement light for the gear shift panel on my dashboard (I swapped 1st gear with Drive so that at least the important one would light up, but I'd like to replace the bulb that's burnt out). Can somebody tell me what to look for?

*EDIT* Odometer light is replaced successfully and working...was a verification issue (too bright outside)

Also, I've found that the generic door lock rod clips don't seem to stay put in the door handle assembly - they all pop right out. Does this mean I need a special clip, or that maybe part of the handle assembly is broken? The original piece was replaced at some point and it stays put for a max of three trips before it pops out again.

I'm fairly savvy and can take apart most everything, make changes, put it back together...I'm hoping somebody can help point me in the right direction. I'm a techie by trade, and a DIY junkie by nature.
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