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Hi all we have a Honda CR-V 2004 which had a recall on it on the drivers window power switch. You may know that on letting water in, these could poss burn out - as rain got in it one day, it stopped working so I booked it in.

Top and bottom of it is Stockport Honda re-sealed it and told me the window still wouldn't work, but I now know they didn't test that the switch itself was still working (they actually told me they had replaced the whole switch which was a load of Boloni!) I have been round the houses on their advice as they said it would be the regulator/motor (used one cost me £79) but this didn't turn out to be the problem as it was the switch itself when I had this verified by an auto electrician as well as another Honda dealer (cost me £50). Can anyone tell me if it is 'cast iron' the responsibility of the dealer to check/ensure the actual switch is fully working after this particular recall?

I have complained to Honda who are 'awful' in dealing with/getting back to me on this, This started in June 14 and has still not been resolved - I have 3 windows working but no drivers door window working....
Here's a quote form the original press release...''Second series drivers are being asked to take their car to a dealer to have it checked and get the switch repaired.
Honda's general manager for corporate affairs in the UK, Paul Ormond, said: "What we've got to do is check each of the window switch areas that the seal is tight and if there is any incidence of burning or anything underneath, we'll replace the circuitry there.
"We will have it sorted out before Christmas''

The Macclesfield branch of Honda who officially confirmed the switch was the culprit said it would be normal and good practice to check over the switch to make sure it was working after re-sealing it as part of the recall. In the meantime Honda complaints dept have yet to contact me back as I asked this to be escalated and the call I was supposed to get a week ago doesnt look like its going to happen. thanks Steve
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