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2004 Honda CRV

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I have a 2004 Honda CRV that just got a starter replaced and 7 days later it wont even click when trying to start. The headlights and other lights come on but it does not even click.
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Moved to the Generation 2 area. :eek:

Defective rebuilt starters are not unheard of. :angryfire

That said, the first thing to check would be the connections to the new starter. Also, assure that you have less than 0.5 ohm from the engine block to the battery "-" terminal, and that both battery terminals are tight.

If you didn't do the starter yourself, the shop should be willing to check it for you.
Yeap what he said.

Check battery (lights turning on mean absolutely nothing), check connections and so on.

If you had it replaced, take it back to the shop that replaced it. That's not something we can answer here beyond the basic common sense things to check.

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Nonetheless, welcome to the forum! Keep us posted on the outcome.
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