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Installing an Alpine iLX-107 in my 2005 EX. While I was at it I decided to also add a backup camera. Got the radio in and starting the camera install. However, I got hung up at locating a place to tap the radio's backup sensor wire into the backup light wiring.

Searched this site and the net. Found a number of hints, but nothing definitive. In this thread...

..someone pointed out a particular GRN/BLK wire and asked if that was the wire. I posed the same question.

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I tested that wire. Switched power, but on even when the car wasn't in reverse. Dang. I saw about 5-6 green/black wires coming out of the various sockets attached to the relay box. Double dang. It was really tight in there and I had a hard time getting any testing equipment connected. Triple dog dang. I called Crutchfield to see if they had any info.

Yup, they did. Light green, 18 pin connector labeled "P". Reverse light wire is the first pin.

Located it, tried it, and it worked. Whew!

Here are some pics and diagrams. I took some tape off of the bundle in order to be able to get at it better with my big hands. Used a Posi-Tap for the connection.

Technical drawing Plan Text Diagram Drawing

Diagram Technical drawing Line art Drawing Parallel

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