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Hello All,

I've searched on this, but came up empty.

My wife's '05 CR-V recently began weak starting.
We could always get it started, but it labored.

I put a trickle charger on it overnight and was getting over 12V.
Once started, that dropped to 10V.

Switched the battery with an Interstate.
Started fine, then we had a weak start a couple of days ago.
Strong start today without the trickle charger.

The back story to this is that the dome light stopped turning on when the doors were opened,
about 3 years ago.
The light could be turned on by sliding the switch all the way to the right,
but not by opening the door with it set to the middle position.
Long story short (if you will), the dome started working this morning with the doors open.

I also went through a period of burning out headlight bulbs every 3 months.
However, that has stopped.

What say you all?
Appreciate any input.

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