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Hello CR-V Community,

Back with another issue.

On my way to work this morning the check engine light came on. I pulled into an advanced auto parts to read the codes and received the following:

61-1: Battery Voltage Malfunction
83-1: ECM Malfunction (ABS disabled)
P0138: O2 Sensor Bank 1 Sensor 2 High Voltage

I'm going to take it to Autozone on my lunch to have the battery tested, but I wanted to run an idea I had to see if it's even plausible (my knowledge of electrical systems and circuits is minimal at best, so please bear with me).

Essentially, I'm wondering if the high voltage O2 sensor code (P0138) could be triggering the other issues in the system. If it's drawing too much would it trigger the 61-1 and 83-1 error codes? The reason I ask is if the battery comes back low/bad, I want to know if I should try replacing that first, or if I should just jump straight into replacing the O2 sensor. Probably overthinking this, but I wanted to ask the experts on here first.

One last thing, will driving the car for the next couple days damage it more, or do I not have to worry about that too much? Thanks in advance for the assistance.

A little background info: The battery and alternator were both replaced last October, so both have only been in use for about 9-10 months.
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