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So the AC on my 2006 CR-V just died on me one day. I confirmed that the AC compressor was bad because it would not turn by hand, even after I removed the drive belt. After doing some research I decide that I will replace the compressor, the condenser, the expansion valve, and the two flex hoses, have the system flushed and recharged. After calling around and getting some recommendations on high quality brands (without spending the small fortune that Honda wants for these parts) I ended up getting Global Parts Distributors (GPD) parts and installing them myself per the Factory Service Manual. I had a shop evacuate the system prior to starting the work, and then brought it back to them for the final evacuation and recharge.

It seemed to work OK the first day I got it back, but the longer I spend in the car the more I'm convinced it's not working properly. So I break out my own gauges and check the pressures. While trying to run the recommended 10 minute AC performance test at 1500 RPM I notice that the compressor shuts off twice. Here are the results of that test, showing the expected values from the chart based on ambient conditions and the actual readings from the gauges.

High Side200 psi290 psi
Low Side40 psi18 psi
Delivery Temp58F86F

So the discharge pressure is too high, the suction side pressure is too low, and the temperature is just no where near where it should be. I'm open to any and all suggestions, recommendations, or questions.

I will be taking it back to the shop to get them to troubleshoot the problem, but I would like to have some idea of what the problem is before I go in. Since I did the installation I'm kind of expecting this to be an argument over whose fault this is. (Which I know is my own fault for trying to save $1,000 in labor costs.)

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