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I installed a new Sony deck in my mom's 2006 CRV with a back up camera. Problem is I can not get either back side panel off to get to the backup light wires. The screws that hold the cargo hook on each side just spin and will not come out. I was able to pull the back off enough to get the wires through the gromet and into the cargo area. I have a few cuts from the plastic. Anyway, I was hoping to just run the power wires up to the front and find the wire there or the fuse. Reading multiple threads, there is a fuse labeled "Meter" but this does multiple things including the gauge cluster. Anyone know if there is a specific fuse for just the backup lights or where the wire might run from under the dash?

Thought I would update this incase someone runs into the same problem. I pulled the rear power socket out on the driver side. I pulled the left light housing off the back and pulled the grommet out. I shined a flashlight through the power socket hole and could see the light. So, using a long zip tie through the grommet hole I was able to pull it through the power socket hole. I used that to pull a wire through. I then used the zip tie to feed the wire from the power socket hole under the rear trim going through the bottom right corner of the back trim (I had already removed the center rear trim piece). I now had the wires in the cargo compartment. I Tap-con the wire to the reverse light then ran the wire across the back zip tying it to the loom that goes along there. Connected it all up and it worked. The camera is on the license plate, so it's off center however it is good for seeing what's behind you and how far you are from things. After I put it all back together I thought I should have tapped into the hot wire on the power socket to power the camera at will instead of just when in reverse. The new stereo does have a button to turn the camera on when not in reverse. Oh well, I can always go back and do it. I should have taken pictures but didn't. Hope this helps someone in the future.
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