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Hello all, I am new to the forum and this is my first..a question really. I hope someone can help me out.
My CR-V is automatic, 269000 kms and in really great shape. I dont want to get rid of it just yet.
Anyway a year ago my aftermarket remote starter had a partial short in the wiring somewhere and full power was failing to make it to the starter motor. After going through 3 starters i bypassed it. I disconnected the wire which was spliced into the factory ignition starter wire under the steering column and also disconnected the factory wire after I damaged 2 relays. In the dead of winter my temporary fix was a straight wire to the starter. I want to reconnect the factory wiring but I cannot find the part number of these 2 relays which were the exact I lost both. They are located up in under the centre console under the radio area. From the schematic they seem to be inhibit in which the vehicle must be in park to start and the second I honestly forget. Anyway if i recall correctly the part number was only 4 letters/numbers and I think it started with R. They are expensive when I sourced them a year ago.
Well thats it..I hope someone can help me.
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