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Hi CRV owners,
I just bought an 2006 CR-V with a horric clutch chatter issue. My guess is the pressure plate failed. I noticed just as I drove it off the car lot with no warranty.. :(

Since it needs to be our family car I need it fixed asap. So I'm taking a shot gun approach to fixing this. I'm replacing all motor mounts, swapping out the K24A1 flywheel for a new K20A2 flywheel, and putting in an exedy stage 1 organic clutch.

Has anyone converted to an RSX-S flywheel? I considered keeping it stock, but since the flywheel was getting replaced anyway why not open the aftermarket doors for clutch options? Does anyone know the weight of the K24A1 stock flywheel? No one cared enough to weight it and post it on the Internet's it seems.

Here are some flywheel weights for those interested
K20A ITR 10.3 lbs
RSX-S 16.5lbs
TSX 18.2lbs

If anyone has already done this I'm very interested to know how it worked out

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