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2006 CRV Aftermarket AC Compressors

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Hi everyone,

What aftermarket AC compressors have you used and are you happy with the quality? Mechanic informed me that my compressor is going bad, but the Honda OEM compressor is $800+. I'm going to do the install myself after having a shop evacuate all the freon and would like to keep costs more reasonable. I was hoping to find something good in the $250-$400 range.

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Look into Honda Reman'd units. They are cheaper than new, come with the clutch and coil, and 36 month, 36,000 mile warranty for parts, and labor if a Honda dealer installs it.
Thanks, I'll look into those.
If the Honda compressor doesn't work out, I think Denso makes a remanufactured compressor, and it should be of good quality. I've put remanufactured Denso alternator and starter in my '09 and they have worked perfectly.

One catch to buying a new (not remanufactured) Honda compressor is that you are buying only the compressor--the clutch is sold separately, and makes the cost of a new unit incredibly high. My local dealer gave me a choice of a locally remanufactured compressor or a Honda, and the Honda has that 3 year/36,000 mile warranty parts and labor if they install it. (I don't know what warranty applies if it is self-installed--many of the aftermarket warranties require you to also replace a few other components like the receiver/dryer to keep the warranty valid. And it's good practice to do that anyways.)

Denso can be had from Rock Auto among other places. With Rock Auto, you ship it back to them for your core refund; if you use their shipping label on a core return (printed from their site, through a link in your order), the cost is much less than shipping it yourself, since their volume discount applies. They will deduct the shipping from your core refund. (For two alternators and one starter, I was only charged like $5 or $6 each to return them.)
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