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The manual for my 2006 CRV asks for 5W-20. I've been using 5W-20 synthetic for the last 15k miles. Before that, I've used 5W-20 conventional, for about 90k miles.

Now I'm thinking about switching to 0W-20 for my next oil change. I live in a cold climate during winter and I often drive short trips when the engine is cold, so I feel 0W-20 offers better protection.

Isn't 5W-20 and 0W-20 pretty much interchangeable? What can go wrong if I used 0W-20 instead of the manual recommended 5W-20? Even nowadays I believe Honda recommends 0W-20 for most of their cars.

In addition, I built myself a wood ramp for oil change recently. How hard is it to change the oil for this model, and what do I need to be aware of?


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0W-20 will work fine. Use it with confidence. I've used it on occasion.

I've also used 0W-30.


Regards the oil change it's easy. When you do the filter change though, you will drip a lot of oil onto the frame. You can buy the convenient magnetic deflector chute

Or if you are cheap like me, :rolleyes: you can use the plastic bag that you used to carry the oil & filter home to deflect the drippy oil.

Always check that the old filters seal hasn't stuck to the engine, too.
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