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2006 throttle position/APP help

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no CEL, no codes, starts and runs fine. when cold, off idle it's "jumpy" as in a surge kinda of with rpm, around the 1500ish-3000ish range. seems to get a little better as it warms up and gets temperature. in my opinion it's acting as if the TPS is messed up, gets to a certain rpm point and starts doing it. what throws me off is NO CEL/MIL are on, and no codes. checked wiht a matco pro scan plus scanner, NOT the honda HDS. my service manual says to check the APP (accelerator pedal position) sensor, it should be less than 2% to be considered ok, my matco scanner is calling it throttle position, so not sure it's even that same sensor my scanner is reading. anyway KOEO the TPS is at 18% closed, KOEO *** is at 79%. seems to me my TPS is garbage, but wanted to check with others and see ur opinions....
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what's the "throttle position" measuring, anyone know? is it the "APP" sensor the throttle cable connects to on the firewall, or is it the actual sensor/motor down on the throttle body?
On the off chance that I'm stating the obvious:

The Throttle Position Sensor measures throttle position. :Darn: It's just a sensor (usually ~zero to ~5VDC). Most cars, it needs to measure linearly, that is, 20% of its movement should change the voltage by 20%. (On some makes, a bad sensor no longer reads that way so it causes driveability issues.)

It's the ECU that interprets the signal and makes the engine run a certain way based on what it is 'seeing'. Remember too, that there are other inputs to the ECU, like ambient air temp, coolant/cylinder head temp, etc. It's a SYSTEM.


Regards your other question: Honda only sells the entire throttle body containing the TPS sensor for the Gen2, and they rivet it in for good measure. :beb: Aftermarket DOES sell just the TPS.
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