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Here's what I've attempted so far to get my new 2007 CRV back hatch to work.

1) Tested the wiring
  • Buttons is closing the circuit when pressed.
  • Voltage spikes between 9-12 volts to the main plug to the actuator.
  • The Latch sensor is an open circuit with latched and a closed circuit when not latched.

2) After the above test I decided it was a bad actuator and purchased a new one. It would not made even a hint of sound when testing.

3) Received the new one today and it too would not work.

4) I decided to make a makeshift wire harness and pulsed 12 volt strait from the battery and both the new and old activated.

Now I'm completely lost as to what to check next. Could it be low voltage? Is there a relay to check? Fuse 25 (Door lock fuse) is good. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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