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2007 CRV AC blow warm/hot air intermittently

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My 2007 CRV's AC seems to fail intermittently, typically AC works fine (blow cold air) for a while after I started the car, but then AC starts blow warm or even hot air, which most likely happen after I slow down, stopped for red light; and sometime if it is hot weather and car was parked under sun, then the AC could blow warm air right after I start the car

I have checked the Freon level, it is good; what should I do next for troubleshooting?
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You can try replacing the compressor relay (it's in the fuse box by the battery). It's not very expensive.
More than likely you've run up against the nagging problem that plagues this generation. Compressor clutch failure.
It cannot be diagnosed until it fails. Your symptoms match exactly what a failing clutch does.
The dealer will fix for about $700.00, local A/C show for probably half that or if you're mechanically inclined you can do it for 100+.
TSB 12-072 (link below) details the clutch replacement. The '07 to '11 models had bad clutches. Unfortunately the 7 year warranty extension has run out.
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