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Posted in the November, 2007 Honda Service News. This publication is written for dealer service technicians.

Driver’s Seat Lowers by Itself
Currently Applies To: ’07 CR-Vs

Got a vehicle in your shop because the driver’s seat
seems to mysteriously lower by itself over time?
There’s a good chance your service customer is
brushing against the seat height adjustment lever as
he or she is getting in or out of the vehicle. The seat
lowers when you push down repeatedly on that lever.
Before you consider replacing that costly front seat
frame, try a simple test first. Set the seat to your
customer’s preferred driving height, then remove the
seat height adjustment lever. Return the vehicle to
your customer. If your customer later reports that the
seat height stays the same with the adjustment lever
removed, you’ve found the problem. But if that seat
keeps lowering by itself . . . then it’s high time to
11-07 Honda Service News
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