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Hi all,

New member; just got my baby today and love it. However, I am having trouble playing my iPhone 3GS music on the Rosen nav+multimedia system. I checked the Rosen website and according to them, the phone should work for playing music. However, when I plug it using the auxillary wire, the screen says 'No Device'. Similarly, if I connect the wire from the dash into my iPhone's USB charger wire, it still says no device.

Does anyone have the same/similar system who could offer some advice? The manual only shows what the screen should look like, but it doesn't show *how* it should be connected. I tried my iPod touch but still no luck :(

I've tried searching the archives and didn't find the exact problem so hopefully someone can help me out.


EDIT: I did some research and it turns out there is a special cable only available through Rosen to connect the iPod to the nav system - just wanted to let people know. BUT if there's someone who knows how to work around it, PLEASE do let me know, thanks!
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