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My wife has a 2007 ES CR-V. Recently the blutooth stopped working and our local garage quoted over £1000 to fix it. We then started getting occasional flat batteries.

Apparently this is a common fault caused by dry solder joints in the blutooth/Hands Free module and it is possible to repair the module by reflowing the solder using a domestic fan oven so I thought I would give it a go.

Step 1 is to remove the air conditioning control panel. I used a couple of plastic trim tools, but I have had sucess with a flexible butter knife in the past. There is no need to deteach the cable, just leave it hanging.


Step 2 is to remove the panel around the gear stick. Put your hand in the gap where the controls were and push it out.


You can now see the blutooth/HFT module. As it is black plastic and in a dark hole it does not show up very clearly in the photo. The copper coloured square nut is on its support bracket.

Step 3 is to remove the blutooth/HFT module. Remove the two bolts holding the support bracket and lift the entire assembly out. Then unclip the cable connector. Here is the module.


Step 4 is to diassemble the module. First remove two bolts to separate the module from its support bracket then prise the top off the module.


The module has two PCBs that are connected together by a plug and socket. Gently remove the upper PCB, then prise the lower PCB out of the plastic shell.


Step 5 is to reflow the solder on the PCBs. Put the PCBs on a wire rack in a baking tray. Turn on the fan oven with the temperature set to 210 degrees Celcius. Monitor the rising temperature and insert the baking tray when the temperature reaches 100 degrees. Once the temperature reaches 210 degrees time 15 seconds then turn the oven off. After 5 more minutes remove the baking tray and allow the PCBs to cool.

Step 6 is to reassemble the module and re-install it in the car.

Blutooth now works again and hopefully flat batteries a are now a thing of the past.

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