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this is incredible, i have searched every where for a list of all the bulbs for my newly aquired 2008 CR-V. I want to replace with LED. This will be the tow vehicle for our MH.
i Just can not believe i can find a full list of the bulbs for our CR-V. I have replaced the headlights with LED. Can anyone help?

Tim and Sherri.

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I made a list for the same purpose, but decided I probably won't bother with LEDs except in a few locations. I replaced the interior lights with LEDs--I like that they are brighter, but I dislike the stark white color of them, and still wish they were even brighter. But it's nice that if they are left on, they won't draw down the battery as much as incandescents. (As if that's ever happened. :D )

The turn signal lamps will need some sort of loading resistor so they do not blink rapidly. Or at least I think they will--I've never found a conclusive answer one way or the other to see if they are needed or not.

I also don't know if I lose the DRL feature on the headlights if I convert those to LED. There is a kit from one seller that offers the capability of adapting the LEDs they sell, apparently using a PWM (pulse width modulation) module that I'm betting makes them "flicker" at a rate that makes them appear to be dim. (And if I'm correct, isn't the standard headlight used as the DRL by running it in a low-voltage mode?)

One thing about one of the taillight bulb pairs is that the brightness needs to be correct--these are the lights referred to as "running lights" or "side marker lights." I had one of ours burn out, and had the same base bulb on hand--a 921--and it turned out to be as bright as a brake light, which is wrong. Apparently the correct bulb is a 194 or 168 (the latter being very slightly brighter).

Anyway, here is a list of what I worked out. Use at your own risk.

Headlight 9003/H4
Turn Signal 7440A (Amber)
Side Marker 168/194
Fog Lights H11

Brake 7443W (White)
Turn Signal 7440A (Amber)
Reverse 7440W (White)
Rear Side Marker 168/194
High-mounted Stop Light: 7440W (White)
Licence Plate 168/194

Map DE3175
Dome DE3175
Cargo DE3175

* The "side marker" lamps really aren't on the side, but are auxiliary "running lights" that run at a lower brightness. The rear is one of the lamps in the taillight. The front is similar.
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