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2009 CR-V will start, but will not move when shifted into drive, neutral, or rear.

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My dad's CR-V has been sitting unused for two years, so it's not surprising that there may be some issues that have come up. We were able to revive the battery using an Energizer 4 Amp charger and now the car starts fine. However, the most peculiar problem is that when the parking brake is released and the gear is shifted from park to reverse, drive or neutral, the vehicle doesn't move. I don't experience any resistance or difficulty shifting gears and the car does register that the gears have been changed as the rear lights or parking brake lights turn on. The car is currently stuck in the garage and I would greatly appreciate any help in getting it running again so I can take it to a shop for repairs and maintenance.
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Update! Sorry for the late response. Thank you for all your help. This will be great for anyone else who was troubled with my situation. Yes, this vehicle is a 2WD CR-V 2009, I had a 4WD CR-V 2011 (RIP because it was written off a couple weeks ago).

We called a tow company, and the operator looked at the brakes and thought he could fix it. He tried pressing on the pedal while the vehicle was in drive and revving it, but it didn't move at first. However, after a few attempts of pushing down on the accelerator and shifting into drive and reverse, it felt like the vehicle broke free and was able to move again. The vehicle seemed to be working fine, but upon further inspection at the mechanic, we found out that the brake pads were still usable but all four rotors had been warped due to rust and corrosion. Additionally, the car needed an oil change, steering fluid change, brake fluid flush, rotor replacement, and front bearing replacement (as there was an audible noise coming from them). I have an appointment scheduled for this week to get the parts and hopefully, they'll find nothing else that needs to be replaced. Fingers crossed!
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Thank you for the update, always good to hear the outcome - good or bad.
I've never heard of rotors warping from rust, you learn something new every day :)
I've never heard of rotors warping from rust,
If a car sits too long, the the pads can't grip rusty areas as well as the areas that were covered by the pads, while it was sitting. This would cause pulsation during braking.

Turning the rotors slightly would take care of this issue of course, but shops always want to replace....takes them less time.

On the rear, the parking brake probably wouldn't hold on the rusty areas, either.
If your a DIY person just removing the rotors and sanding off the rust would likely fix the problem. I'd start with a wire brush on a drill and then maybe hand sand if needed.
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