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Hello all,

My wife and I bought a used 2010 CRV about 3 years ago. Luckily, it came with all 3 keys (2 with door lock buttons and 1 without). However, within a month of purchasing the car, one of our keys with the door unlock buttons developed an error with it's chip. It would start the car and immediately shut down with the security light flashing. Both of the other keys still work. I called the car dealer to let them know but they said the keys weren't included in our coverage so they would charge $150 to fix the chip issue. It wasn't worth it to us, so I just use the key without the unlock button built in.

My question, is it a simple fix that I could reprogram the key myself or is it something I should avoid? I am pretty good working on my own little car, so I know some car stuff, but I haven't done any work on the CRV yet.

It isn't a huge deal as we have made it work for 3 years, but I thought it would be nice to fix if I could...and I just found this website so it was worth a shot!

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