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Hi from new member & new owner of CR-V

I bought my Honda from a friend who had rear-ended a much bigger SUV. There was a lot front end body damage and one of the solenoids had been knocked off of the dual shift solenoid assembly. All the body damage is repaired and the dual shift solenoid assembly was replaced with a new after market unit.

the radiator was trashed and considerable tranny fluid was lost. Before test driving with all the new parts, radiator fluid and the correct auto trans fluid was added. More accurately, the auto transmission was over-filled to account for my estimate of what had been lost. Unfortunately, after a 8-mile test ride it stills shows over full. A reputable mechanic at a local dealer indicated that the overfill should not be a problem.

However, the transmission only runs in 1st and 2nd gears, and only shifts from 1st to 2nd by backing off the pedal and waiting for the tranny to finally shift. After the shift to second, the car seek to work fine in this gear but the tranny will not shift to any higher gear.

I'm wondering if the overfill is part of the problem. The dipstick shows about double height on the mark and I did add a total of 4 quarts.

What little I could find on-line or by talking to a couple Honda mechanics is that it might be the transmission input shaft speed sensor or the output shaft speed sensor.

Ive had difficulty finding a genuine factory service manual or anything that would help me even locate these 2 parts to see if one or both sensors are located in a frontal area where they might have been damaged by the impact as was the case with one of the dual shift sensors.

I greatly any suggestions you may have.


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A little overfill should not be an issue, as your mechanic said. Perhaps you could suck some out of the dipstick hole with a fluid pump that costs $10 just to make yourself feel better.

If no one can help you, it might be worth it to subscribe to the Honda service documentation site for a limited time.
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