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Greetings fellows V owners!

This page is great! I'm having a lot of info form your experience shared on the posts.

The CR-V is very good for me here, since it gives me flexibility for use in highways and light to medium off-road too; always with good comfort and gas consumption, reliability, acceptable maintenance costs and low profile (Brazil has this kind of issues).

I have been using my 2010 R20A EX-L in some off-road adventures and the AWD engages smoothly in low speed just after the front wheels mean to slip, always with VSA off, specially with new fluids on the auto gearbox and rear differential, since it is almost 140000 km and I've bought it with 130000 km.

One issue is that the R20A has good torque on high rev, and even in the first gear the reduction of the differential just give the torque to the wheels in 30 or 40 km/h, so you will need some space to get speed to climb aggressive hills; when the A/T tires, an OME higher springs with higher shock absorbers will be useful (I'm trying to import the OME, but its quite difficult), since the ground clearance limits the speed for safe journey.

I will have a new sump guard for it, designed by me and a 4x4 mechanic with good steel to protect the powertrain. (As soon as I have news I will post here)

I'm studying with some honda preparing specialists (the guys are more used to boost 1.6 VTi and 2.0/2.4 Si versions of the Civics here) is to develop a alternative, and selectable, map for the ECU to deliver torque in lower rev. (As soon as I have news I will post here)

By the way, do you have any suggestion where I could find some drawings or images of the differential used on the 2010 AWD V?
I would like to study the possibility of design a low range on it, since it is there where the last reduction is made for all the wheels.

Thank you and enjoy the ride!
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