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Hello to everyone.
I'm a newbie here and not from US, so excuse me if my English may seem a little strange to you.)
I've bought a 2010 CR-V from US with 122k on the odometer.
Recent days I've spent reading forum's oil topics, but to tell the truth, it's hard for me to figure out which engine oil to buy(actually to order from US).
I know, there are a lot of circumstances, like budget, availability of a concrete brand and so on.
But,nevertheless, without starting another big discussion about engine oil, I just want to ask you to recommend which oil do you prefer, buy and are satisfied.
Without going into details, just the brand(for example: Castrol Edge 0w20).
I think it will be much helpful to a newcomers like me.
Each reply will be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
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Synthetic oil is better oil. Try to use it.
Thank you for your answer.
But, to tell the truth, I just wanted to make some kind of people's choice/rating based on experienced or not so much users' experience,which brand they prefer and trust for their 2010-2011 CR-V's.
So,anyone like me when searching here for an engine oil would easily find and see which brand most of the owners do choose.

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USA spec whatever major brand of oil that is on sale, has the API certification and is the weight indicated on the oil fill cap or what’s in the owner’s manual. If there there was a “best oil brand”, that’s the only brand that would be available because the others would be out of business. Hopefully you raise the hood weekly to check fluid levels/have a look around.?
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