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2010 cr-v

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found a '10 with 126000 on it, believe it's the EX? average most common one with power options and such, and sunroof. anyway are these pretty similar to the 06 era? lost an '06 in a wreck and on the prowl for another one. know that biggest thing was the valve adjustment and not letting it go to far and burn a valve. did it on my '06 and seemed pretty straight this '10 the same concept and type of job; or is the engine tucked under the firewall and buried? aside from that, is there much different between the 06 and 10 to look for or pay attention to if I look at the car?
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While the Gen3's are on a whole new (Civic) platform that is much more car-like in ride and handling and a completely new body style, the 2.4L engines are near identical, with only a few minor tuning changes. Procedures would be pretty much the same. No manual trans option on the Gen 3's either, sadly. Mechanically the Gen 2 and Gen3 are very similar.
great, with the mileage it has i'm assuming it needs the valve adjustment; so there's that to consider. also it's only FWD, not AWD....not that important to me. any black area for these years or this '10 specifically? I know some vehicles or manufactures had particular models or years that were sour and lots of common issues ot things to steer away from. trying to avoid that on this '10 I found, if any even exist.

maybe i'm lucky and these Hondas are pretty well built and not much "flaws" in them throughout the years..
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