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Hey forum! I've used lots of forums including this one... my wifes crv is giving me headaches...

2010 crv awd. 160 xxx km (100 xxx miles)

Maintenance has always been done by me. Air filter, smark splug (just did them) transmission shudder fix (complete oil flush fixed it btw) engine oil, rear diff oil , batterie is new. etc. Since we bought it in 2014 I always found that when cold it would start and the rpm would drop right away and jump back to around 1500 rpm (cold start idle). And it was worst the colder it gets. This morning the wife used the command start and the crv would turn but not start... so I jumped in and tried... same thing. Until I gave it some gas. Then is started. Odd on a fuel inject

So today I changed the sparkplugs. Waiting on a real cold morning to test if the plugs help. I used my obd2 reader and the engine coolant temp sensors are working (was rending 50 F and operationg temps of 183-185. O2 sensor seems to be working also... Any ideas? Lol
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