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hi Folks.

got 2010 Honda CR-V (iDtec), suddenly got this PGM-FI code light up and the car won't start. Called a mechanic with a computer to see whats wrong with it. came up as 4 faults. :
1, P0090, fuel rail pressure (FRP) regulator circuit open
2. p16D0, *2 glow plug circuit shorted to ground/over current
3. P16D2, *3 Glow plug circuit open
4. P16D4, *4 glow plug circuit shorted to ground/over current

So i was told its the glow plugs. Got brand new glow plugs, 3 of them were burned out completely, didn't have any tips left. So after chasing, still, car won't start. Checked the wires and i can't see anywhere any cuts or damaged wires. Also done a little voltage test from the sensors and all seems to be ok.

Anyone experienced this before? What action to take next?
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