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For a while now (since I hit an unavoidable pothole downtown..) I've had a slight scraping noise coming from my right front wheel that's noticeable at low speeds with the windows down--especially when turning the wheel slightly to the left.

I did a bit of googling, and found some folks (not necessarily CRV, or even Honda owners..) had the same issue and suggested taking a look at the brake dust shield that's attached to the wheel hub behind the brake rotor.

I removed the wheel and found that the shield was bent enough on the bottom end of the rotor to make contact with the rotor. I used a screwdriver to gently bend the shield back into place and all is right again (proper gap and NO noise whatsoever). Upon inspection of the bottom end of the shield, it's clear it was making contact with the rotor as you can see the mark the rotation of the rotor made on the inside of the shield--here are some pics:

This is the top of the rotor/shield where it is correct--no gap, no contact.

Here you can see the mark. The proper gap is present though; as I had already bent it back into place.
FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Not really an issue anymore, but just a heads up on how easy this fix is for anyone who may be having the same problem.


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