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Hi , My relative recently bought a 2011 cr-v from a private sale with 140000 kms (87000 Miles) when checking the crv over he checked the oil which was full and when he got home he checked it again and it was about 2 quarts low in about 120 miles of driving the PO insists it did not burn any oil but I believe he was just trying to pawn it off and be done with it. We have found no leaking oil under the car and can smell some oil burning coming from the tail pipe when reving the engine but its not billowing out like it seems like it should be if it actually is burning that much oil. I checked the plugs and they do not have oil or an excessive amount of carbon on them. We will also change the PCV valve.
I have looked an oil burning issue and found that it is a known problem . Apparently in the USA there is a 8 year warranty extension for this Issue but I live in Canada and can not find any info about Canadian crv's .

We have called the dealership the car was bought from and they said they would do an oil consumption test but will fix it for free if it fails the test and Honda Canada danced around the issue with no real results. . My question Is does this warranty extension cover cr-v's sold in Canada as well? If so who could I contact to get more info?
Thank you.
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