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I followed several suggestions from others on this site and fixed my problem. 馃榿 Thanks guys for your help!
The Problem was not the heater air blender which is located just above the accelerator pedal on the right side.
With ignition off, I disconnected the plug in cable just below the heater air blender actuator and plugged it back in did not fix it. I tried to manually move the air heater blender door (white lever) located on the other side of the air heater blender, i tried to move it seveal times in both directions with my fingers and it did not fix it. I then unplugged and replugged the cable again. Then I turned the ignition back on and while laying with my head on the floor board looking up at the air blender actuator I rotated the operator control on the dash from cold to hot (round knob) and watched the air heater blender rotate. I moved it several times.
The problem could have been bad connection in the plug, but most likely dirt, dust, non use of the heating for a long period of time. Good luck with your problem and i hope I helped you fix yours.

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