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2011 Rear wiper replacement

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Hi all. I've had my 11 CRV for a couple years now. Just getting to replace the rear wiper blade. However, the replacement I bought from a local auto store doesn't fit. Anyone had this problem? Don't prefer to buy simple parts like this from the dealer. Any help is appreciated.
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Why doesn't it fit?
14 inch afaik
Yes. This model requires a 14 " rear blade. It turns out the rear wiper blade is a different type of blade than the front. I guess Honda changed this in Gen 3. This is new for me as all my other Honda's (gen 1 and 2 Ody and gen 2 CR-V) rear blade attached the same as the front, only a different length. On these newer models make sure to specify front or rear. Thanks!
You would save yourself some aggravation by going to the dealer. I've tried buying blades from the parts stores and always run into problems.
Agreed--I went to the dealer and bought the new rubber "refill" for the blade, and it worked well. But you'll be lucky to get two years out of it--rubber blades deteriorate quickly. Mine refill is already shot. They are cheap enough from the dealer.

I now use only silicone "beam" blades on the windshield of all of my cars. They are more expensive, but last longer, clear away rain better, and don't take a "set" from sitting on the windshield (unlike rubber blades). I would have used silicone on the back wiper if there were ever a model that fit, but no luck so far.
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