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2011 Rims on a 2015?

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Hey Guys,
I'm trying to put together a winter rim/tire set for my 2015 EX-L AWD. I've found a used set of winter rims and tires. The guy selling them had a 2011 so I think they will fit, but I wanted to check here to get extra eyes on it to make sure I'm not overlooking anything

The rims
Size: 16"
Width: 7
Lug pattern 5*114.3
offset: 38
Hub: 73

The tires: Michelin X-ice 215/65/16

OEM Wheelset:
17x7 45 offset
Tires: 225/65/17

I used rim & tire calculator and they seem to fit. Other than the speedo reading fast, anything I'm missing? Any experience with the MB rims or the x-ice winter tires?
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