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Newb to the forum (wasn't too sure how active forums are anymore now that most folk have swapped to bookface) and to the CR-V platform. I'm looking to buy a 2012 EX-L tomorrow and noticed that the 2015s have different headlights, grille, bumper, and fog lights. How hard is it to do a nose conversion? I've heard that the 2014 is the last year before the CR-V went to the CVT transmission, and I want to steer clear of that. So, pre-2015s are what I've been looking for.

You can't do the updated headlights without doing the grille, because the 2015 headlights are bigger than the 2012-2014 ones... but you can do the 2015 headlights and grille, without having to do the updated bumper.

Is there a parts list that tells you all of the brackets needed to do this swap? Is it a common swap? Thank you!

Also, would love to see some pics of modded 4th gens for inspiration. I'm buying this as my new daily driver, but plan to do a few small mods to it - to make it stand out. :D

Alright, ordered a few things from eBay and Amazon; going to see how all this plays out before spending some big bucks on OEM parts...
Picked up these DEPO 2015/2016 Touring Headlights
Also picked up this 2015/2016 grille replacement

In order to get the headlights to work without cutting up my factory headlight harness, I've ordered several different connectors to make my own custom wiring harness:
2012-2014 bulbs ordered the male connectors for the low/high beam bulbs
Low/High Beam - 9003

2015/2016 bulbs (ordered the female connectors for these)
Low Beam - H11
High Beam - 9005
Turn Signal - 6189-0887
DRL - 6189-0968

View attachment 149348
Would the 2015 grill fit on the 2012 bumper as a straight swap?
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