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I'm hearing an intermittent 'chirp' sound when sitting at a light, in drive, foot on brake. I can hear it when listening to the radio, too.
I can also feel a slight thump through the brake pedal when it happens.
The car has to be warmed up, and the chirp is not regular, but can happen a few seconds after stopping in drive, then intermittently as long as I'm on the brake.
It will also happen when in reverse with my foot on the brake.
Turning off or on the A/C makes no difference, either.

Doesn't happen idling in neutral or park, engine idles smoothly.

The car has always done this, but seems more pronounced lately. Bought new, 33K on it now. Great ride otherwise.
I tried to describe it to the dealer when I had it serviced early on, but they said it didn't act up for them...I've done all the service myself since.

I'm thinking drive train? Seems as if a clutch is engaging/disengaging somewhere in there.

Any ideas what this is or how to get rid of it?
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