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After a few days of planning and a modest amount of experimentation, I finally got my 2 meter transciever installed in the new (to me) V. I had the same rig in my previous 2001. However, given the totally different design of the 2012, the coax, wires and radio location would be a totally different design.

The goal was to not drill any holes (I came close) and to use existing equipment. Given the totally different design of the 2012 vs the 2001 a few difficulties arose.

First was the antenna installation. I utilized the same lip mount and located it on the left side, just below the CRV logo. This location allows for full deck lid motion, no blocking of the tail light (especially reverse light) and no wind noise.


The coax was then routed up the inside lip of the rear deck. I used foil duct tape (just temporary - don't laugh) to secure it in place and then back down under the tail light fixture and into the fender well.



Inside that well (you need to remove the lower tail light) there is a large grommet leading to the interior (it comes out behind the left-rear interior panel). The coax was then routed through that grommet and under the carpet to the center console.


The power cord was routed from the battery (both sides fused) and over to the only useable firewall grommet (fairly large) just above the gas pedal. Wedging a screw driver (from the inside) I poked through and then attached the wires to the screw driver, pulling them into the footwell. Then they were routed under the center console to the one opening I created in the bottom.

The 2 meter tranciever was attached to the side of the console box with a simple stip of velcro.


Some cable clips are coming to replace the foil duct tape and I will be flipping the radio so the speaker is to the outside and the polarized display will be easier to see at a glance. So far ... so good! 73!
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