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This winter I had hit a curb while it was snowing. Unfortunately, it knocked the wheel alignment and a loud rumbling noise started to occur. I didn't get the wheel aligned for about a month, while the car drove straight and well it started a vibration at high speeds.

The passenger side was struck with the curb. Currently, it feels like it is the driver's side making the noise.

Replaced and attempted repairs
1. Wheel alignment
2. Wheel rotation and rebalance
3. Damaged wheel replaced
4. Camber bolts installed (The camber is still quite off but it seems to be within spec with these bolts)
5. Passenger side wheel bearing replaced
6. Swapped tires to see if the noise would move (No effect)
7. Passenger side lower control arm replaced

Noise occurs under these conditions
1. Consistently when speeds between 70-85 km per hour and again 110-120 km per hour
2. Gets louder or worse at speeds between 70-120 kmph when the steering wheel is slightly right and less so slightly left
3. Does not change when brakes are used
4. Does not change if gas is applied
5. Driving feels otherwise normal

My guesses...
1. Drivers side wheel bearing got worn alongside the passenger side when I drove with a misaligned wheel
2. Slightly bent Knuckle (Technician said slightly bent)
3. Damaged or old tires? (My tires are from 2016 new)
4. Improperly installed wheel bearings?

PLEASE can someone chime in? I have spent wayyyy too much money already


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This could be a number of other things, such as axle or CV joint issues, bent frame or suspension components, struts, steering components, brake system damage, etc. I would find an actual real, honest mechanic/shop and have them check it out.
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