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2012 CRV 165k I just bought, I am the second owner.

Yes sorry another vibration thread. I think mine is different. Please help if you can.

I have a rumble/vibration while in drive at low speed, it is most noticeable while stopped with foot on brake. I think the rumble is from my exhaust, maybe. I inspected with my novice eyes and couldn't see any wrong, it is a completely rubber mounted system with nothing loose. I have had my valves adjusted by the dealer when my VTC actuator was replaced, I noticed no change in the "rumble".

One thing about this car that I don't understand that might be related, is when I let up on the brake my car seems to have something extra that engages and provides extra power. I will release brake at a stop, my car will accelerate at normal idle speed, then two seconds later it goes faster but I am still in 1st gear. What is happening? It works the same way when I come to a stop. I braking to come to a stop, then this extra power will cut out and my car will sorta suddenly stop. It is an aggravating behavior. When I am in stop and go traffic and my car kicks on more power, and the takes the power away with no command from me. Is this some feature in the transmission torque converter area of my car. Part of the reason I think it is tranny/torque converter, is because I changed my transmitting oil twice recently(mini flush). This seemed to lessen the amount of this power change, and lessen the vibration.

The rumble gets worse when this "power" kicks in. Maybe the rumble is exhaust related so more power will just do that?

This make sense to anyone?

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