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I'm looking at the 12 CR-V as well. Info I came across is as follows in regards to Bluetooth.
Pandora Streaming - Streaming and control (Steering and iMID) with the iPhone only. Streaming w/out control (phone control only) on Android.
SMS Text message read- Android only
Navigation spoken street names. No information as of yet. I'll be sure to test it when I go back for another test drive next week. If what Phil A says is true; that's a bit of a downer as well. I thought the goal for all of the tech in cars was to keep the driver focused. Not having spoken street names just means more glancing at the nav unit.As far as the limitations with A2DP Bluetooth protocols; WHY Honda went this route is vexing.... Not sure what the business model for limiting Pandora was; I just know it was a real bad move. Don't play favorites Honda... either go all in or stay out. It's not enough of a hassle w/Pandora on my Android to make me steer clear but it is a bit of an annoyance. In retrospect, I guess having Pandora streaming at all is a good thing considering my wife just bought a loaded Crosstour and I can't stream to that at all (unless I buy a Bluetooth gateway).
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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