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We can't find this vehicle locally to see with our own eyes so I post these questions:

Will the bluetooth stream wirelessly or does it work via the USB and/or headphone jack only? Pandora or podcasts for example.

If playing Pandora, does the dash display show the songs that are being playing? How about controls such as skip the song, thumb up/down, etc.

When an incoming call comes in, does it display the name of the caller and/or phone number? Does it audibly say the name of the caller?

When using Nav, does it audibly state the name of the street to turn on? Our 2011 only says "turn right in 100 ft" and doesn't state the street name.

Thanks for the help.
Yes, bluetooth streams wirelessly great. I've streamed music from my iPhone 4s using both the iPod Music native iPhone app which in turn is streaming my music from iCloud via my wireless network and I also use Spotify (love this music service) which also streams music to my phone via my wireless data network and then to my car via bluetooth streaming.

One point of note for me is that I do get artist/song/album and artwork info displayed when streaming from these music sources via bluetooth, which was a nice surprise for me. As another posted commented, the main advantage of plugging into the USB is the charging aspect.

I just LOVE being able to listen to my music while my daughter is watching her movie on the RES using her wireless headphones during our school runs. Bloody awesome :)

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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