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I am also having problems with Iphone 4G and 4S connectivity.
1) Bluetooth connection is not always reliable: You think it is connected and then randomly the phone will reconnect during the drive (i.e., you are told: XYZ phone is now connected). Also, for some reason, when connecting via bluetooth, it will turn Iphone volume down to zero. Once you change volume on phone - everthing works again. The volume control on Iphone is either off/mute or on (regardless of Iphone volume setting).
2) Connection via USB: This is preferred for seeing album artwork and using thumb's up/down for pandora (as mentioned above). Interesting, if you cycle through audio sources (e.g., FM, AM, XM) and back to USB) the connection doesn't work and neither controls on navigation or through Iphone don't work. You basically have to unplug dock connector and reconnect it to make it work. This also happens when you turn the car off and then back on again (i.e., unplug and then reconnect USB connector).

When dealer called Honda tech support on behalf - they told me they were aware of issue and Apple needed to fix it. I was dumbfounded at that response. Considering that Apple sold 37 Million Iphones in Q4 2011 - I don't think the are going to worry about fixing an application issue for Honda. I don't know if I am more disappointed that Iphone integration doesn't work as advertised -or- Honda's response. For now - we are stuck with the problem until Honda fixes it :(
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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