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2012 Factory Spoiler Gap?

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I just installed a Honda OEM spoiler on my 2012 CR-V. In doing so I noticed that when I mounted the high-mount brake light on the spoiler it doesn't seem to fit flush with the spoiler. There tends to be a gap on the top left and right sides of the high-mount brake light. Basically, the area on either side of the rubber gasket that's built into the spoiler. Is that normal?

I was thinking of sealing that area with clear caulk, but I wanted to check to make sure I didn't do something wrong before doing so.

Also, my kit didn't come with a rubber plug for the high-mount brake light. Is that really needed? If so, where can I get one?


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Okay, I'm starting to wonder if Honda modified the high-mount brake light design because of a compatibility problem with its OEM spoiler. Take a look at these images. The first one is the original Honda 34270-T0A-A01 light assembly. Notice the two fixed bolt locations, which have a captive screw mounted in the assembly.

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Now, check out these aftermarket light assemblies. Neither of which has the captive screws or the "washer like" protusion that's preventing my light assembly from mounting flush against the spoiler.

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I've been trying to locate a photo of the back of one of the newer OEM high-mount brake light assemblies, espcially the red version, to see if the design has changed.
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I reached out to my local Honda dealer this morning and I'm starting to shed a little more light on this situation. As it turns out Honda did change the high-mount brake light in 2015, so I'm wondering if there's a compatability problem with the Honda OEM spoiler I purchased, which is part number 08F02-T0A-1E0.

Here are the high-mount brake light part numbers:
2012-14: 34270-T0A-A01
2015-16: 34270-T1W-A01

I know there was a color change (white to red), but I'm more interested in how this part may have changed on the back. In other words, is the back of the high-mount brake light more flush than the pervious part number. If anyone has any information, or better yet photos of the new part number, that would be really helpful. Thanks!
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