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2013 Battery Drain

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I have a 2013 CRV EXL with 63000 miles, purchased new in Jul 2013. The OEM battery was replaced at about 41 months, which according to this forum, is about normal. Replaced with an AutoZone 51rs, 500CCA (5yr Warranty), in Nov 2016. Now in Dec 2019, the battery is dead twice in two weeks, the first time from listening to the radio for 10 minutes in ACC mode. The second time after a 30 minute stop with no drain at all on battery. I live in SC, so frigid temperatures are not in play here.
I've seen posts here about an AC relay being bad causing parasitic drain, so I figured for $9 at NAPA, I'd give it a shot. Remove cover on engine compartment fuse box, and criminy, all greek. Can't figure out which is the AC relay. From the two pictures, can someone please identify the AC relay for me? Thanks a bunch in advance.
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If the charging system is operating properly (and the vehicle should throw a warning if it isn't)... then it sounds like there might be a damaged plate in the battery. It happens. Take it to a local auto parts store and generally they are happy to give the battery a full test and see what is up with it.

Note: you can verify the charging system using a volt meter with the vehicle running and in park. It should read ~14.5 vdc on the battery terminals. You also want to do have it checked for ripple (caused by a failed diode) too... and an auto parts store can do that, or you can do with a low cost simple battery testing unit. Example:
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