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Hello I have a 2013 CR-V with just shy of 80k miles. Its my wife's daily driver and when she got home last night she said the low oil light was coming on when the car was braking or turning. I first checked the dipstick which was about as low as it could be. So now I have 2 questions. How to get off the weird metal rivets on the plastic undercarrige (not the plastic rivests those are no problem).

Second any possible ideas where this leak is coming from? the plug and filter both look okay and most of the oil is on what i think is the crank case. Ive attached picures of the metal rivet and the oily underside.

Thanks in advance for any help.

IMG_20190309_2125331.jpg IMG_20190310_1251061.jpg IMG_20190310_1250381.jpg
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