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2013 CR-V Maintenace

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We purchased our 2013 CR-V new and have had the original Honda dealer perform all of the maintenance per their recommendations. Our car now has just over 100,000 miles. We have moved to a different area and are now taking our CR-V to a different Honda dealer for servicing. During the last oil change, the dealer stated the following servicing jobs are required:
1. Perform HVAC system clean and replace cabin air filter (JB027) ("found cabin air filter dirty"): $125
2. Perform complete fuel system cleaning service (JBFS4) ("found complete fuel system service due by 45K miles"): $600
3. Perform valve adjustment ("found spark plugs need to be replaced to time and/or mileage"): $197
4. Replace spark plugs ("fund spark plugs need to be replaced due to time and/or mileage"): $260

I am looking for a sanity check from the forum on the requested service by the dealer.
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1. Change the HVAC cabin filter yourself cost for the filter approx $15. Plenty of youtube videos out there that will show you how. Takes 5 min. no tools.

2. Fuel system cleaning, depends on what they are going to do. If it's just pouring in a bottle of Techron in the fuel tank you can do that yourself. If they recommend cleaning the throttle body then yea that should be done every once in a while. Again if your DIYer it's not a difficult job
3 Valve adjustment, yea. This should be done by dealer

4 Replace spark plugs, yea. Again a simple job, $260 is really steep. You could purchase the plugs and have any shop replace them for a lot less.
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