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Just noticing this noise most pronounced between 35-50 MPH. Anything above that its kind of hidden behind normal wind noise. It sounds like a constant drone coming from underneath. A few of the things I've tried to rule out are as follows:
The noise doesn't change with engine/transmission speed (shifting to 4th using the OD button doesn't change it)
I suspected the under body splash shields since they were starting to sag and out of shape. Removing them did nothing.
I suspected the Wheel bearings. Checked them by the usual methods of jacking tire off ground and trying to see if there's any play in it. None on all 4 corners.
I suspected the tires. They are 20 inch 255/50/20s and are only slightly worn. Swapped all four wheels to a spare set of 17 winter tires that are basically brand new. No change.
The noise persists on acceleration, deceleration and neutral. Only really noticeable between the mentioned speeds.
I suppose Ill keep driving it until a code appears or a part starts to fall off.

Thanks in advance.

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35 - 50 is the typical range for tire noise. Even those snow tires could be 'hard' from heat cycles, and a bit feathered.

Wheel bearing issues will get louder or softer based on bearing loads. In other words, louder hum on RH curves indicates LH bearing. There will not be any play in a wheel detectable by just jacking the car and wobbling.

A wheel alignment may lessen the tendency for the noise to get worse. Have the shop inspect for worn rubber bushings. Tell them your issue, and have them adjust WITHIN SPEC to minimize any feathering. But doing that will not mitigate the noise you are hearing presently.
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