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I did a search and didnt see anything like this. I apologize if I missed something.

I have a 2013 crv lx with 86k Miles. When doing my last oil change, I noticed that where the cv axle enters the transmission there is some oil seepage around there. There was no wet looking oil, just traces of like a staining, residue about 3 inches around the cv axle on the actual transmission. This seems very minor and is far from leaking onto the ground, but what Im concerned about is the cv axle on the drivers side ( this one that has the oil traces around it ) has some up and down movement. The passenger side cv axle doesnt really move up and down or have "play" in it. So the drivers side has about an 1/8" of play up and down and the passenger side seems really tight.

Is it normal for the axle to have some play between it and the transmission on the drivers side? Or is there some sort of bushing in the transmission that wears out over time and needs replaced? Should I take this to the dealer for their thoughts?

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